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In order to pass a history class and save his student visa, Caleb Shatar must impress an eccentric professor whose pet project—a revisionist film about the death of John Wilkes Booth—needs a volunteer.


Over the course of a weekend, he recreates the manhunt with Joss—a passionate reenactor who believes in harsh truths and the power of redemption—and Caleb begins to have hope for his own situation. But when his professor joins the shuffle, passions clash and Caleb must pick a side.  While one man wants to erase mistakes by rewriting the past, another wants to heal the future, and all three are united in their mutual quest to find meaning in the present.


And with the clock ticking, Caleb must confront his own demons before he’s expelled—and possibly banished—from the country he calls home.


WRITTEN BY:          Katharine Stein                                   
PRODUCED BY:       Katharine Stein
Zana Gankhuyag
 Joe Carlson  
Will Bryan
Will Bryan