HISTORICAL FILM will be a feature-length comedy about Civil War reenactors, set in the present day. The story follows a Mongolian immigrant who gets expelled from college for violating the terms of his student visa. Fearing deportation, he must quickly find a work sponsor, and the only person willing to hire him is a bipolar historical reenactor who is making a zero-budget film about the death of John Wilkes Booth. But the legal complexities of immigration appear to be insurmountable, and the two men resort to desperate measures while role-playing the manhunt for Lincoln’s assassin. One is terrified of the future; the other fixated on the past—together they butt heads in their mutual quest to find meaning in the present.


Scheduled to be shot in Virginia in 2020 by Richmond-based production company One-Room Schoolhouse, Historical Film will be a comedy-adventure that examines masculinity, national identity, and the legacy of the Civil War from the perspective of a first-generation American.


WRITTEN BY:          Katharine Stein                                   
PRODUCED BY:       Katharine Stein
Zana Gankhuyag
 Joe Carlson  
Will Bryan
Will Bryan