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In order to pass a history class and save his student visa, Caleb Shatar must impress his eccentric history professor, Dr. Ralph Emerald Annesley, whose pet project, a low-budget reenactment of the death of John Wilkes Booth, needs a volunteer.


Over the course of a weekend, Caleb meets Joss, a passionate reenactor whose friendship with Carl Jennings—a popular historian, author, and television personality—promises to solve his problems. But when his professor joins the shuffle, passions clash and Caleb must pick a side.


And with the clock ticking, Caleb must confront his own personal demons before being expelled from school, and possibly banished, from the country he calls home.


WRITTEN BY:          Katharine Stein                                   
PRODUCED BY:       Katharine Stein
Zana Gankhuyag
 Joe Carlson  
Will Bryan
Will Bryan